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Top 5 Design Ideas For Your Statement Shirts

Graphic tees are fun and quirky, sometimes minimalist. However, they never fail to leave a lasting impression on anyone you meet while sipping your latte in a caffè or while strolling in a themed park. These wardrobe staples have incredible versatility.

The possibilities for t-shirt design are virtually limitless. A basic plain tee can be a blank canvas for any artwork that suits your aesthetic. You can choose any design inspirations from Pinterest, from any sites with high-quality images, or your memorabilia. 

Here are a few design ideas for your statement shirts:

  • Multi-Colored Words 

Make the letters a range of colors to add a burst of excitement to any text-based design. Keep it basic by using a few colors in your palette, or go all out and color each letter separately.  Choose colors based on your personality, style preference, and the mood you want to achieve.

  • Pun-filled t-shirts 

Puns are timeless and a clever statement to incorporate in a tee. While many of the best puns in t-shirt designs are in texts, some are created with comical illustrations or mixing words and images

  • Doodles 

Exude fun in your life through what you wear by doodling. It can be done in various ways, including thin lines wavy lines to create fantastic figures. Allow your imagination to go wild; you’ll be a walking statement!

  • Pet-themed 

Can’t get enough of your furry friend? Put their adorable faces on your tees. You can put an image of your pet on it, a customized graphic design, or some typography with a message; the possibilities are practically endless.

  • Minimalistic Text Designs

A minimalist look is always a solid bet. Use crisp typography that is clear and easy to read in your shirt design to make a statement. This design style is commonly seen on awareness and advocacy tees to help the creator convey their message effectively.


An eye-catching statement tee is a low-key fashion statement that never disappoints. While graphic shirts can be an understatement, they are easy to mix and match depending on the occasion or the look that you want to achieve.

With the ideas above, you can get creative and start conceptualizing your graphic shirt today. On the other hand, while creating your DIY statement tee can bring some creative juices, it can also be challenging for starters. 

We have a wide range of graphic tees to make your personality pop and life exciting. Choose from our store, and you’ll be a fashion statement yourself. Happy shopping!


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